Fun fly and cookout

The Oklahoma Radio Kontrol Society (TORKS) was established in 1979.  We are an Academy of Model Aviation  club  (AMA charter 1648).

The field  is located in  northwest Oklahoma City,  on the South side of Lake Hefner, mid way between Meridian and Portland Blvd, 1/4 mile east of the Fire Station, off of South Lake Hefner Shore Drive.

Come by and see us fly. If you’re an AMA member, bring your AMA card and come fly with us.  We’re a family friendly club and we have club Cookouts/Picnic  each summer.  Check the calendar for dates.

Our Flying field is 12.3 acres total size. 9 acres of Grass with an asphalt runway that is 250 feet long by 32 feet wide.

We also have a control line station north of the parking lot.

Be sure to check out TORKS on Facebook and Flickr.

2 Replies to “Welcome”

  1. Please put me on your mailing list.
    I’m upset that I missed the event yesterday, didn’t see any publicity.
    Bob Wallis

  2. Is the airfield open to the public? I just got my first fixed wing and am anxious to take it out for a flight. It’s a toy grade cheapo for me to learn on, and VTOL so I don’t need a runway, just a wide open space.

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