Intro Pilot Program

Fly before you buy the Intro Pilot Program

If you’re not sure that you want to go through the expense of buying a trainer and joining the club, just to find out your don’t like the hobby, then the TORKS have several Club Trainers available for 2 or 3 FREE Orientation Flights.  This program is under the guidance of AMA sanctioned ‘Intro Pilot’ members. In this case our club insurance is extended to you the guest  flyer for these intro flights. If you find you enjoy the hobby then we encourage you to get your own airplane and equipment and join our formal teaching program.  Intro flights are usually available on Thursday trainer nights and often on weekends, and through appointments with the intro pilots listed below.  We can do these intro flights for school, youth and other educational organizations on an as available appointment basis, that program is also FREE.

Ken Kehlet – 721-2782
Fred Wettengel – 848-3950
Tom Solinski – 840-9577